Where Can I Buy Cafe Yumm Sauce

Cafe Yumm sauce? Oh man, it’s like a flavor bomb that’s just waiting to jump on your food! You can slap it on salads, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, and so much more. Wanna grab some for your kitchen? Keep scrolling, I got you.

So, what’s in this magic sauce? We’re talking tahini, miso paste, and lemon juice. It’s vegan (score!), and folks in the Pacific Northwest have been all about it since 1994. But guess what? It’s everywhere now. So if you’re wondering where to get your hands on some or just wanna see what the buzz is about, read on.

Online Shops


You can snag Cafe Yumm Sauce from a bunch of online spots. Amazon’s got a load of options and quick delivery. Walmart’s online spot has it too, often with some sweet deals. If you’re on the hunt for some special Cafe Yumm flavors, check out places like HotSauceMall.com or WorldMarket.com. But heads up, they might take a bit longer with delivery.

Pro tip: Always read the product details before you click ‘buy’. Make sure you’re getting the real deal!

Grocery Stores

Loads of grocery stores have Cafe Yumm Sauce. Some even ship worldwide – how cool is that? If you’re not into waiting for the mail, swing by a big supermarket, they’ve got whole aisles just for sauces. Still out of luck? Amazon’s your friend. Easy-peasy.

Specialty Food Shops

In big cities, you’ll find specialty food joints with stuff you won’t see at your usual store. Guess what? Many of them have Cafe Yumm sauces. Some online spots carry it too, but these specialty places might have exclusive flavors. So if you’re hunting something unique, hit up a specialty shop.


You can even grab Cafe Yumm sauce at some restaurants. Whether it’s a cozy family joint or big names like Red Robin, many places have it. Plus, with all the delivery apps around, you can even get it brought to your door. If all else fails, just order straight from Cafe Yumm.

Where to find it locally?



Cafe Yumm sauce isn’t just tasty; it’s versatile. Local markets, fancy food places, and natural food stores have it. They’ve got all sorts of flavors, from spicy to smoky chipotle to sweet teriyaki. And if you’re on the go, look for their flavor-packed sachets. One sachet can jazz up four servings. They’ve even got other goodies like noodle bowls and snack boxes with their signature touch. Whatever you’re craving, Cafe Yumm has your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cafe Yumm Sauce Vegan?

Yo, Cafe Yumm Sauce? Totally vegan. It’s made with the good stuff, like soybeans and veggie oil. If you’re ditching dairy sauces or just trying to support cool brands, this is your jam. You can grab it at your local store or online places like Amazon.

What’s In Cafe Yumm Sauce?


So, Cafe Yumm Sauce? It’s tasty and good for you. You can throw it in recipes or just splash it on your grub. It’s got ginger, sesame oil, rice vinegar, agave nectar, that tamari soy sauce stuff, garlic, some spices, and sea salt. For the vegan peeps, there’s no animal stuff in it. Score!

Yeah, they’ve got Cafe Yumm sauce in all sizes – from 8 oz. bottles to big ol’ 1-gallon jugs. Shipping might be more or less depending on how big you go. There are online stores that sell it, and they ship it out pretty quick. So, you can get the right size for your kitchen or if you’re running a food joint.

Is Cafe Yumm Sauce Gluten-Free?

So, Cafe Yumm sauce is pretty popular in places like Oregon and Washington because it’s delish. And good news for the gluten-free crew – it’s got your back. It’s made with things like soybean oil, apple cider vinegar, and some spices. If you’re around the Pacific Northwest, hit up a grocery store. Or just buy it online.

How Long’s Cafe Yumm Sauce Good For After You Open It?

Once you crack open that Cafe Yumm sauce, it’s good for about three to four months just chilling on the counter. Toss it in the fridge? It’ll last even longer, like over six months. But, ya know, keep it at the right temp or it might get funky and lose its kick.


Alright, to wrap it up, Cafe Yumm sauce? Totally vegan and gluten-free. It’s whipped up with stuff like garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, sesame tahini, soy sauce, and a bunch of spices. You can snag it in different sizes to suit your vibe. Keep it in the fridge after opening, and you’ve got about two months of yumminess.

Honestly, it’s a win-win with this sauce. Tastes great and it’s good for you. Give it a whirl!


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