Is Cafe Bustelo Espresso

Man, I’m definitely not the only one totally digging a killer cup of espresso, right? Cafe Bustelo Espresso? It’s famous for that smooth, rich taste and, like, everyone who’s into coffee totally knows about it worldwide. But seriously, is it that good? Is everyone losing their minds over this brew for a real reason? So, let’s break down why everyone’s so jazzed about Cafe Bustelo and see if it’s really the real deal.

The Story Behind Cafe Bustelo


I’ve been sipping on Cafe Bustelo for, like, ever. It’s not just any coffee, it’s got some legit history and culture vibes. Especially if you’re Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican or, well, anyone who’s all about that strong, punchy coffee flavor.

Jose Raul kicked off Cafe Bustelo back in 1928, right in the heart of New York City. And, man, it got big in places like Cuba and Latin America, not just ’cause of how it tasted, but also their smart moves in the marketing game. Those dudes were probably the first to toss their coffee in cans, which was a game-changer in grocery stores.

Nowadays? Cafe Bustelo is everywhere, and they’re still rockin’ the quality coffee game, always giving a nod to their Cuban roots. It feels like, no matter where we’re from, this coffee kinda brings us all together.

What’s the Deal with Cafe Bustelo?

So, we chatted about Cafe Bustelo’s backstory. Now, what’s the magic behind this stuff?

It started as this Cuban-style espresso thing in the 1930s, thanks to our guy, Jose Raul Bustelo. Soon, everyone from the U.S. to who-knows-where was on it, especially the Latinx folks. They dug its rich vibes and the fact that it didn’t break the bank. Even now, this coffee’s got a special spot in Latino culture and, well, in every coffee lover’s heart.

The secret sauce? It’s in the grind. Not as rough as your regular joe, not as powdery as espresso. It hits that sweet spot. And they only go for 100% Arabica beans from places like Central America, Colombia, and Brazil. This makes every cup kinda unforgettable.

However you roll with your coffee – hot, cold, whatever – one thing’s sure: Cafe Bustelo’s always got your back with an epic cup!

Tasting Cafe Bustelo

Man, I can’t get enough of Cafe Bustelo espresso. That smell? It’s a killer mix of chocolate, caramel, almonds, and some sweet stuff. Your first gulp? Boom! It’s bold. It’s got this kick, but there’s something super comforting about it.

The feel of it? Smooth and kinda creamy, probably ’cause they roast it just right. Even though it’s super rich, it doesn’t have any of those off vibes. There’s a sneaky sweet touch hiding under that bold kick which makes every sip kinda exciting.

It’s my go-to, whether I’m chilling or feeling fancy. Hot or cold, this blend never lets me down.

Getting that Perfect Cafe Bustelo Brew

Got the taste down? Cool. Now, let’s brew this bad boy at home. Making espresso with Cafe Bustelo? Piece of cake. But remember a couple of things.

Your grind? Super important. Go for something between fine and medium. A burr grinder? That’s the dream. Or just snag some pre-ground coffee if you’re not into the whole grinding scene.

And the gear? Sure, Cafe Bustelo says to go for an espresso machine or a moka pot, but hey, you do you. A French press or an Aeropress? They’re chill alternatives. Just tweak your recipe a bit if you’re using those. Play around, and you’ll be whipping up some wicked Cafe Bustelo espresso in no time.

Is Cafe Bustelo the Real Deal?


Alright, I’m a Cafe Bustelo nut. And, trust me, it’s worth every penny. The grind’s perfect for that rich, flavor-packed shot. And you get options – whole beans or pre-ground – whatever floats your boat. The smell, the smooth ending, that Cuban vibe? Nothing else quite nails it like this.

But here’s the kicker: it’s versatile. Whether you’re all about straight-up espresso or you’re in a regular coffee mood, Cafe Bustelo’s got your back. Perfect if you’re into trying out different brews or if you just want that same awesome cup every day.

If you ask me, Cafe Bustelo’s a steal when it comes to espresso blends. Top-notch taste without going broke. Whether it’s in an espresso machine or mixed into lattes and cappuccinos, it’s always on point. And, yeah, I’m saying that after loads of cups over the years!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Caffeine’s in Cafe Bustelo?


Cafe Bustelo’s caffeine changes depending on how you brew it and the roast. On average, you get about 100 milligrams of caffeine for every 6 ounces from drip or French press methods. And if you’re into espresso, it can give you up to 110 milligrams for every 1-ounce shot. That’s a decent caffeine punch!

Got Any Dairy in Cafe Bustelo?

Looking for espresso with zero dairy? Cafe Bustelo’s your dude. It’s all about those 100% Arabica beans and has a killer taste. Plus, there’s no allergen drama here – nothing about milk or any of that on the package. So, you get a tasty espresso without stressing over allergens that some other brands might have.

Cafe Bustelo in Decaf – Yay or Nay?

Yep, Cafe Bustelo’s got decaf! Whether you’re into cold brew or those instant mixes, there’s a decaf for you. All the flavor of their main espresso, but minus the caffeine rush. Preparing it? As easy as your everyday cuppa. So if you wanna mix it up but don’t want to miss out on taste, check out Cafe Bustelo Decaf!

What’s the Damage for Cafe Bustelo?

For those wanting a tasty yet pocket-friendly espresso, Cafe Bustelo’s the way to go. A can usually sets you back about $4-5, depending on where you snag it from. It’s a real steal. When you’re storing it, remember – cool spots away from sun and dampness are best. And whether you’re brewing with a moka pot or espresso machine, you’re in for a treat!

Where’s Cafe Bustelo Hanging Out?

Wanna grab some Cafe Bustelo? No sweat! Shop online or hit the stores. But keep in mind, where you buy might offer different brewing tips and taste vibes. For example, one version might pack a bolder espresso punch than another. With so many choices, you’ll find your jam in no time!


Wrapping it up, Cafe Bustelo’s a solid pick if you’re looking to boost your caffeine levels. About 66 mg per serving, and you’ve got both regular and decaf to pick from. Most grocery spots or online stores will have it, and the price is pretty sweet. Want great espresso without the dairy hassle? Look no further than Cafe Bustelo!

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