How Much Cafe Bustelo To Use

Hey there! If you’re into Cafe Bustelo, you know getting the right amount for your coffee is a big deal. Go too little and you’ve got a weak brew; too much and whoa, brace yourself for some super strong Joe. But chill, I got your back! In this piece, I’m spilling the beans (get it?) on just how much Cafe Bustelo you should be using to nail that perfect cup.

Grab your go-to mug, get that kettle or French press ready, and dive in – let’s brew some killer coffee!

How Much Coffee Should You Use?

How much Cafe Bustelo to drop in is a common Q I get. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, ’cause a bunch of stuff comes into play. First off, how you’re brewing it changes the game. Like, pulling an espresso shot? You might need more than if you’re going French press style. Next, the coffee type matters. Lighter ones might not pack as much punch, so you don’t need loads. Darker ones? That’s another story. And then there’s just what you’re into. Some like it bold, some like it chill. You do you!

All About That Grind


You probably know Cafe Bustelo, right? Big name in the coffee scene. But figuring out how much to use can be a bit of a puzzle. To clear things up, let’s break down the grind types and what they mean for your taste buds.

So, when grinding Cafe Bustelo, you’ve got three moves: espresso-fine, drip medium-fine, and percolator coarse. Espresso-fine is all about that silky smooth shot that packs a flavor punch. Drip medium-fine is your jam for stuff like French press or Chemex; it’s got a lighter vibe, less of that bitter edge. And percolator coarse? Go for this if you want that caffeine hit and bolder tastes popping in your cup.

Whatever grind you’re vibing with, play around with your brewing method. Tweak the water temp, mess with brew times, and find what makes your cup of Joe shine. Don’t get stuck in a rut – you might stumble upon coffee gold!

Brew It Right

With the grind down, let’s chat about brewing. The temp and how long you let it brew are big players in the Cafe Bustelo game. Start by heating your water between 195°F and 205°F. That’s the sweet spot for flavor. Then, toss in 1 to 2 tablespoons of your Cafe Bustelo for every 6 ounces of water into your filter or French press. One tablespoon if you’re feeling mellow, two if you’re craving that bold hit. Let it hang out for 3-5 minutes, and then pour and enjoy. And boom, you’re on your way to some prime Cafe Bustelo vibes every morning!

Tweaking for How Strong You Like It

Ever had a coffee that just slapped you in the face? Total bummer having to chuck out a pot because it’s just too darn strong! But hey, if you get the hang of how much Cafe Bustelo to chuck in, you can nail the strength to match your vibe. Here’s a little guide on how much of that Cafe Bustelo to use depending on how you want it to taste and the kind of beans you’re rockin’ with.

When you’re using the light or medium-roast stuff, kick off with two spoons for every six ounces of water. Wanna go easy? Scale it down to just one spoon per six ounces. If you’re the kind who’s after that bold taste but don’t want to feel like you’ve licked a battery, ramp it up to three spoons for every six ounces. But remember, the exact scoop depends on what you’re into and what beans you’re using.

If playing around with the amounts doesn’t hit the spot, maybe think about the grind size or how you’re brewing it that could be messing with the whole vibe of your coffee. Tweak it a bit, and soon you’ll be whipping up a killer cup every time without stressing about going overboard with Cafe Bustelo.

Playing Around with How Much to Use


For me, the secret sauce to the best Cafe Bustelo was all in the mix. I’d heard of all these ways to brew, but wasn’t sure if they’d jive with this espresso legend. Figured I’d put my taste buds to the test!

Started with 2 spoons for every 8 ounces of water, and man, the taste was bang on. But then the mad scientist in me had to play around – more? less? After going a few rounds with it, I landed on 1 spoon per 8 ounces – it was just right, all flavor and no “ugh.”

After all that trial and error, I’m now totally geared up to make a bangin’ cup of Cafe Bustelo every time. The secret? Just the right scoop to let those flavors pop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Cafe Bustelo Coffee Last?


Hey, when you’re talking about Cafe Bustelo coffee, how long it lasts kinda depends on what beans and grind you pick. Like, whole beans hang around longer than the ones that are already ground. If you stash it in a tight container away from light and crazy temps, the ground stuff can be good for like two months. But, if you want it tasting top-notch, use your Cafe Bustelo – ground or whole – within a month of cracking it open.

Can You Cold Brew With Cafe Bustelo Coffee?

Totally! Cafe Bustelo rocks for cold brew. Cold brew’s a big deal these days ’cause it’s smooth and not so acidic. If you’re gonna cold brew with Cafe Bustelo, grind it kinda chunky. This lets the flavor get out there when you brew. And hey, use a bit less coffee ’cause cold water’s a slowpoke with flavors. Follow these bits and you’ll whip up a wicked cold brew with your Cafe Bustelo.

How Should You Store Cafe Bustelo Coffee?

So, wanna keep your Cafe Bustelo coffee fresh? Chuck it in an airtight container or bag. Keeps the wet stuff out and it won’t go bad as quick. If you’re all about exact amounts, a kitchen scale’s your bestie. Oh, and stash your coffee away from sunlight and stuff that gets hot, like ovens. That keeps it kicking longer.

Got A Subscription Thing, Cafe Bustelo?


Fancy a daily Cafe Bustelo without the dread of running low? Check out their subscription gigs! Super easy monthly drops of your fave brew right at your doorstep. They even toss in how-tos for a bomb cuppa. Don’t sleep on it, get on a Cafe Bustelo subscription and keep your coffee game strong.

What’s The Ideal Temp For Brewing Cafe Bustelo Coffee?

If you’re brewing some Cafe Bustelo, aim for water that’s around 195-205°F. When you’re sorting out how much coffee and water, a good rule of thumb is two tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water. Play around with the ratios to hit that sweet spot for your taste buds.


So, here’s the deal: Cafe Bustelo is legit for all coffee nerds. It sticks around for a while and you can cold brew or go classic hot. Store it right in a sealed container, away from the sun and heat. And if you’re scared of running out, they’ve got a subscription that’s got your back. Brewing? Keep your water close to 200°F for some ace flavor. So, why not dive into some Cafe Bustelo? It’s a no-brainer!


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