How Much Cafe Bustelo Espresso Per Cup

Hey coffee buddies! Today, I wanna chat about a killer espresso – Cafe Bustelo! If you’re anything like me and can’t live without that daily shot, then you’re in the right place. Now, let’s dive into the real deal about how much Cafe Bustelo to use for each mug.

Straight up – it totally depends on what drink you’re whipping up. But hang tight! By the end of this, you’ll know just how much to use for that perfect sip. So, get those spoons out and let’s roll!

Single Shots


Look, I’m all in on Cafe Bustelo, so I’ve got your back. It’s all about brewing it right and grinding it good. For a single espresso shot, throw in two tablespoons of fresh Cafe Bustelo grounds. Make sure it’s fine, but watch out – too fine and you’re gonna have a clogged mess.

Wanna get the most out of it? Warm up your mug first, and then press down the coffee evenly. Don’t go overboard or be too gentle – you’ll either get a weak shot or something way too bitter. After you’re set, toss in about four ounces of hot water and bam – you got yourself a wicked shot of espresso!

There’s something about Cafe Bustelo that hits just right, so don’t rush. It’s all worth it!

Double Shots

Alright, double shots are where it’s at. Two espresso shots can really kick it up a notch. Cold brews are all the rage now, so why not chill out with an iced double shot? Whatever vibe you’re feeling, Cafe Bustelo has a blend to match. Sweet caramel or strong Columbian, they got you. Don’t sleep on their crazy good range of blends.


For a Macchiato, I’m usually throwing in two tablespoons of Cafe Bustelo for every six ounces of water. Top it with milk and foam, and maybe sprinkle some cinnamon or cocoa if you’re feeling fancy. Sometimes, a touch of vanilla or almond hits the spot. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, toss in a sweetener. Macchiatos? More like Mac-YUM-os.



Macchiatos aren’t one-size-fits-all. You do you. Just remember: two shots or 1 ounce of Cafe Bustelo is a solid bet. Cold brew is chill if you like it less bold. And hey, if you can swing some latte art on top, even better! A few tries, and you’ll be the Macchiato master.


Got that perfect Macchiato? Time to serve it up. A few quick tips: store the shots in a cool, dark place. Use cold milk to keep it hot longer. And don’t flood your cup; nobody likes messy sips. Follow these, and your Macchiatos will stay ace.


Got your Macchiato sorted? Let’s play with flavors. You can go classic with some ground beans or dark roast. Or mix things up with syrups like hazelnut or vanilla. Honestly, as long as you’re digging it, there’s no wrong way.


Switching gears to cappuccinos. They’re all about the mix of espresso and steamy milk, sometimes with foam or cocoa to level up. Stick with two tablespoons of espresso per cup, and make sure your milk is all creamy and smooth. Want to up the ante? Throw in some extra espresso, but be cool – too much can make it bitter. With this, you’ll be the cappuccino king or queen in no time!


You’ve probably had an Americano, right? Simple but classic: espresso with hot water. But if you’re craving something bolder, mix in some cold brew or try different espresso blends. Cold brew is like coffee’s smooth cousin, and mixing it with espresso? Totally next level. So if you’re chasing a powerful kick without the bitter aftertaste, this mix is the way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sugar Should I Toss Into My Cup of Cafe Bustelo Espresso?


When you’re whipping up some cafe bustelo espresso, how much sugar you toss in really depends on how big your cup is and what kind of sweet kick you’re after. Most folks go with about 1 tablespoon for a 6-ounce mug. Want it sweeter? Go ahead and add more sugar. But heads up, if you go overboard with the sugar, it might mess with that awesome Cafe Bustelo Espresso taste. So, tweak it the way you like it.

What’s The Cool Way To Keep Cafe Bustelo Espresso Around?

So you wanna know how to stash your Cafe Bustelo espresso? Here’s the scoop: Think about how you’re gonna brew it and how finely ground it is. Stash those grounds at room temp to keep ’em fresh – no fridge or freezer, okay? Slap a tight seal on whatever you’re storing it in; those zip-locking bags are pretty rad. Oh, and a pro-tip? Buy smaller batches so every time you brew, it smells and tastes fresh out of the bag.

Cafe Bustelo Espresso – A Good Fit for Dairy-Free Peeps?

On the hunt for a dairy-free coffee kick? Check out Cafe Bustelo espresso. It’s vegan, no lactose, and packs a caffeine punch to keep you rolling all day. It tastes dope and feels smooth. So, if you’re thinking of changing your coffee game and don’t wanna lose out on taste, give Cafe Bustelo espresso a shot.

How’s Cafe Bustelo Espresso Different From Your Usual Joe?


Wondering how Cafe Bustelo Espresso stacks up against your regular brew? Here’s the lowdown. First, espresso’s made with super fine grounds and they’re brewed with some serious pressure. That means more caffeine than your usual cup. Also, espresso’s got this bold taste ’cause of how it’s brewed. Oh, and while you can use fancy machines or that cool stovetop pot for both, espresso’s kinda special and might need its own gear.

Can I Whip Up Cafe Bustelo Espresso In My French Press?

Thinking of using your French press for Cafe Bustelo espresso? Sure thing, but remember it’s gonna be different from your standard coffee. Espresso’s super concentrated and brewed in its own unique way. With a French press, play around with how many grounds you toss in so you don’t end up with something too weak or super bitter. It’s all about finding your jam when brewing Café Bustelo – so mess around with water temps and ground size to nail your dream cup!


To wrap it up, Cafe Bustelo espresso’s a killer way to get that caffeine buzz. It’s bold, versatile, and can jazz up your regular brew routine. When you’re making a cup, about two teaspoons of sugar should do the trick. Keep it fresh by locking it up tight and stashing it in the fridge. And yup, it’s a win for those on dairy-free diets. Switch it out with your regular brew or mix it up now and then. Seriously, give Cafe Bustelo espresso a whirl!


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