Does Cafe Bustelo Have Caffeine

Hey there! If you’re a coffee junkie, you’ve probably bumped into Cafe Bustelo. This coffee is pretty much everywhere and peeps rave about its punchy flavor. But is it buzzing with caffeine? That’s what we’re diving into today.

First, a little intro about Cafe Bustelo and why it’s got such a fan club. Then, we’ll get down to the details – the caffeine stuff. And if you’re itching to know more before you brew or buy a cup, I’ve got you covered. Let’s see what’s up with Cafe Bustelo and caffeine!


Cafe Bustelo – What’s the Buzz?

Man, I’m all about that Cafe Bustelo life. It’s got that signature kick and it wakes me right up. This OG coffee has been in the game since the 1920s, making its debut in New York straight from Cuba. It’s a deep, bold cuppa that’s got loads of fans ’cause of that in-your-face flavor and smells oh-so-good. They get their beans from all over Latin America, giving it that earthy sweetness and sneaky hints of chocolate and spice.

When I make it at home, I can legit tell how fresh the grounds are. That rich brown color is a sign it’s the good stuff. And even though it’s darker than most, there’s no nasty burnt or bitter vibe. It’s all about that smooth sipping!

For me, Cafe Bustelo is the jam when I need a pick-me-up. One cup and I’m good to go all morning. And in case you’re wondering – yeah, it’s loaded with caffeine. So, no stressing about needing too many cups!

How Much Caffeine We Talking?

So, you wanna know if Cafe Bustelo packs a caffeine punch? Heck yeah, it does! This coffee giant has a bunch of different brews, each with its own caffeine level.

Starting with the lighter side, Cafe Bustelo’s Espresso Style Supreme gives you about 120 milligrams of caffeine for every 8 ounces. Want more oomph? Their Dark Roast Supreme Espresso hits harder with about 150 milligrams in a cup. The king of caffeine in their lineup is the Super Crema – with a whopping 170 milligrams in an 8-ounce serving.

Whatever vibe you’re feeling, light or bold, Cafe Bustelo has got you. Same great taste, and the perfect caffeine hit!

What Else You Need to Know

Alright, so everyone’s curious if Cafe Bustelo is caffeinated. And yep – it totally is. But depending on your brewing style, you might get more or less of that caffeine kick. For example, if you’re doing it the hot way, a little 3g serving of their espresso ground gives you a solid 205mg of caffeine. That’ll get you moving! But if you’re into cold brew, the caffeine’s a bit chiller – think 60-90 mg for the usual strength and up to 120 mg if you want it stronger.

On top of the buzz, Cafe Bustelo’s got other cool perks. It’s way cheaper than those fancy energy drinks or posh cafe lattes. It’s pretty much everywhere in grocery stores and you don’t need fancy gear to make it. Plus, it’s got that classic Latin flavor with those chocolatey and caramelly notes that you just can’t get with energy drinks.

If you’re thinking of making Cafe Bustelo your daily thing, it’s got some big pluses. It’s easy to find, won’t break the bank, and with so many options, there’s definitely a brew that’s gonna vibe with your taste and pocket.

Health Benefits Of Caffeine

I’ve been wondering about the whole caffeine thing – like, does it really help me stay sharp, get stuff done, and keep focused? I mean, it wakes me up, but does it actually help me zone in on stuff? Loads of peeps lean on caffeine to stay on their A-game, but is that chill? Does it seriously up your game? And can caffeine help me concentrate better? But, like, can it also be a big ol’ distraction? Got me thinking if there’s some kind of sweet spot. And hey, does Cafe Bustelo have caffeine? I can’t wait to dive deeper into this caffeine buzz – gotta see if it’s my jam or not.


Heads up! Cafe Bustelo’s totally caffeinated. Caffeine’s proven to keep you from dozing off and fighting those zzz’s. When I’m dragging my feet or just need a kickstart, I’m all about that coffee. It’s my morning wake-up call and my afternoon power-up. Energy drinks? Cool, but they can be packed with sugar and junk we don’t need. But with Cafe Bustelo, you’re getting the good stuff with none of the nonsense. Need a pick-me-up or craving that bold espresso vibe? Cafe Bustelo’s got you. My top way to have it? A steaming mug with a splash of cream. Yum!


Getting stuff done? That’s the name of the game. Be it hustling at work, crushing it in sports, or just smashing those daily tasks, caffeine’s got our back. I swear, a coffee before anything just makes everything snappier. Keeps my head in the game, gets me going faster, and the results? Top-notch. Plus, that energy kick means even when I’m beat, I’m still going strong. Long story short, I’m acing it, all thanks to my trusty Cafe Bustelo.


For real, when it’s about zoning in, caffeine’s a game-changer. A coffee or even an energy drink, and bam! My brain’s all fired up and I’m getting stuff done twice as fast. Brews like drip and French press? Killer for full flavor without the bitter edge. And hey, tea and cocoa beans have that caffeine kick too! So much to pick from, and all of it makes me feel like a champ. Whatever’s on my plate, a bit of caffeine and I’m all set to conquer it.

Alternatives To Cafe Bustelo

Not vibing with Cafe Bustelo? No biggie. Tons of other brands out there, with or without the caffeine hit. And they’ve got all sorts of flavors too. I’ve sipped on a bunch, and trust me, with the right mix, you can get something as delish as Cafe Bustelo sans the caffeine buzz.

There’s this Kicking Horse Coffee I’m kinda obsessed with. These Canadian peeps? Totally rocking the coffee scene. From light to dark roast, even some fun flavors like mocha or hazelnut. And yeah, they’ve got both caffeinated and decaf options for every blend. So if you’re hunting for something fresh for your AM boost or a PM chill, Kicking Horse Coffee’s got all the tasty vibes. It’s a must-try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Craving for Decaf Cafe Bustelo?


Yep, Cafe Bustelo’s got decaf options! Whether you’re stocking up or just grabbing a bag, you can snag that tasty coffee without all the buzz. And guess what? It comes both ground and as espresso. So if you’re cutting back on caffeine but still want that Bustelo kick, they got you covered.

How Sweet is Cafe Bustelo?

So with Cafe Bustelo, the sweetness really depends on which kind you’re getting. On average, you’re looking at about two teaspoons of sugar in a cup. But if you’re aiming for something healthier with less sugar, check out their espresso ground coffee. Zero added sugars and that caffeine kick makes it kinda awesome for you.

What’s the Best Way to Brew Cafe Bustelo?


Making a cup of Cafe Bustelo? Piece of cake. There are a few ways to brew it. Wanting something smooth with a hint of sweet? Go for cold brew. But if you’re into that strong, knock-your-socks-off flavor, stove top’s the way to go. It’s all about what you’re in the mood for.

Is Cafe Bustelo Cool for Vegans?

Totally! Cafe Bustelo’s a friend to vegans. They’re big on getting beans the right way and making sure their coffee’s top-notch. For all the health-focused vegans out there, this means you can sip on some Bustelo without second-guessing. And hey, drinking good coffee’s got its perks!

Where Can I Grab Some Cafe Bustelo?

On the hunt for Cafe Bustelo? It’s pretty much everywhere. Major grocery stores, online, and even at the corner store down the street. Some cool indie cafes might have it too, depending on where you’re at. So, however you like shopping, you’re sorted.

Wrap Up

So, does Cafe Bustelo have caffeine? You bet. But they’ve got both regular and decaf, so take your pick. The standard stuff’s got some sugar, but how you brew it can switch things up. Plus, it’s vegan-approved and finding it’s a breeze. Long story short, if you’re after a coffee with a kick, Cafe Bustelo’s where it’s at.

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