Can You Make Cold Brew With Cafe Bustelo

Cold brew coffee is the ultimate summer go-to. It’s smooth, kinda sweet, and super chill on a blazing day! I’m always on the hunt for ways to have my cold brew without blowing too much time or cash. So when I got the lowdown that you can whip up cold brew with Cafe Bustelo, man, I was all ears. In this piece, we’re gonna chat about how to craft some killer Cafe Bustelo cold brew right in your kitchen – no fancy gadgets in sight!

Cold brew’s been getting mad love these past few years as a change-up from the usual coffee drill. Not only is it a taste explosion, but making it’s a breeze compared to regular coffee. With some basics like water, ground coffee, and a bit of chill, you can get your cold brew game on in no time! Let’s jump into the nitty-gritty of putting together that Cafe Bustelo cold brew so you can kick it off today!

What’s The Deal With Cold Brew?


You betcha, you can make cold brew with Cafe Bustelo! Cold brew’s this cool coffee-making move where you use cold or room-temp water instead of the hot stuff. Doing it this way gives you a velvety, rich coffee that doesn’t have that hot-water-made bitterness.

Making cold brew? Piece of cake. You only need a handful of things and a smidge of patience. Most folks go with coarsely ground coffee beans and clean water, but there’s a ton of ways to mix it up. Starting off, blend one part coffee to four parts water in something sealed tight like a mason jar and let it chill at room temp overnight. Morning after? Just sieve out the coffee grounds and you’re set to sip on ice or stash it in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

To get a cold brew that makes your taste buds do a happy dance, it’s all about nailing the coffee-to-water ratio and messing around with how you brew it. If you’re gunning for something with more kick or a silkier vibe, tweak your measurements or let it hang out longer. There’s no rules with your Cafe Bustelo cold brew – keep at it until it’s spot on for you!

Why Go With Cafe Bustelo?

Whipping up cold brew with Cafe Bustelo is a rad twist on your daily coffee jam. There’s a bunch of perks with this move, and you can rock it at home or when you’re out and about.

Brewing Perks

One of the top reasons to use Cafe Bustelo for your cold brew? That killer strong flavor. It’s all thanks to that mix of deep roasted beans and the espresso blend. What you get is a drink that’s bold but doesn’t tip into too sour or bitter territory. Plus, it’s not as acidic as a lot of other coffees, so if your tummy gets iffy with caffeine, this might be your ticket.

Coffee Switch-Ups

If you’re itching for a break from the same ol’ hot coffee, cold-brewed Cafe Bustelo is where it’s at! Its robust flavor is tops when it’s icy, and you still get that coffee kick. And since you don’t need any special gear or fancy ingredients, Cafe Bustelo can be ready in a flash at home or be your sidekick when you’re out doing your thing.

No matter if you’ve got all the time or you’re in a mad rush, Cafe Bustelo’s got your back for a coffee that’s a bit left of center. With its hard-hitting taste and smoother finish, it’s no wonder this brand’s turning heads and making waves in the coffee world!

How To Whip Up Cold Brew Using Café Bustelo


Man, there’s nothing like a fresh iced espresso when it’s blazing hot outside. I’m always on the hunt for new ways to get my cold drink fix and, guess what? I figured out how to make killer cold brew with Café Bustelo! It’s a piece of cake and all you need is some Café Bustelo stuff and water.

Now, when you’re mixing up this cold brew, make sure you’re not skimping on the coffee. For every cup of water, you wanna throw in four tablespoons of Café Bustelo grounds. Get yourself a pitcher or something, toss in the grounds, and drown them in filtered water. Give it a good mix, then slap a lid on it and toss it in the fridge overnight (like 12-14 hours).

Wake up the next day, pop the lid off, and bam! You’ve got this awesome brown magic potion. Just gotta get rid of those old grinds – pour it through a cheesecloth or one of those fine strainers with a paper towel in it. What you’ve got left is this cool concentrate that you can water down or drink as is for a real kick. Cheers to homemade cold brew and that Café Bustelo magic!

What Stuff Do I Need?

Making cold brew with Café Bustelo? Super chill. Grab a few basic things, some beans, and you’re good to go. Here’s a quick rundown:

First up, grind your Café Bustelo beans, but not too fine. This step’s key for that spot-on taste. You don’t need to blow your money on some fancy grinder – just a decent medium-coarse one will do the trick.

Grind ’em, dump ’em in a pitcher or big ol’ jar with cold water, and let them hang out overnight (or 8–12 hours). Morning after, just ditch the coffee grounds with some cheesecloth or paper filter. Pour over ice, mix in milk or sugar if you’re feeling it, and there you go! Your very own Café Bustelo cold brew!

Tips to Nail That Cold Brew Game

Getting that perfect Café Bustelo cold brew isn’t rocket science, but it’s kinda an art. You want it to be bomb every time? Keep these things in mind: it’s all about the cold and the wait.

First, cold brew is, well, cold. So, use cold water or even stick your grounds in the fridge before starting. Also, cold means slow – so think 16-24 hours of waiting. If you’re short on time, just use more coffee; it’ll give you that flavor without the wait.

Alright, prep time: mix equal parts Café Bustelo grounds with water (filtered or the fancy distilled stuff). Mix it up good so all the grounds get soaked, then cover it (plastic wrap or a lid works). Let it sit around at room temp for 12-16 hours (or even 24 if you want it strong). Then just strain and drink up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Cafe Bustelo Cold Brew Stay Fresh?


When making cold brew with Cafe Bustelo, aim for a chill temp between 59-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this, your drink should stay fresh and tasty for about two weeks! Plus, cold brewing lets you choose how strong or light your coffee turns out because it’s brewed cooler than the usual hot way. If you want a super simple method for rocking cold brew at home, then Cafe Bustelo is totally your jam!

Does Cold Brew Using Cafe Bustelo Taste Different Than Your Average Coffee?

Yep, cold brew with Cafe Bustelo does taste different! It’s all about those unique flavors and the ways you brew it. Cold brew is richer and smoother than the coffee you’re probably used to. It also highlights subtle flavors that don’t usually pop in your everyday coffee. You might not catch the difference right away, but give it a few sips and you’ll see it’s kinda special.

Does Cafe Bustelo Cold Brew Have More Kick Than Regular Coffee?

For sure, Cafe Bustelo cold brew has more caffeine than your usual coffee. It’s because of the longer brew time – think 12 to 24 hours versus just a few minutes for the hot stuff. The exact caffeine punch depends on how much coffee you throw in and how strong those beans are. But generally, cold brew has more caffeine because it’s soaking longer.

How Should I Store My Cafe Bustelo Cold Brew?


Storing Cafe Bustelo cold brew is a breeze! Just follow the steps: mix coffee and water, let it sit for 12-24 hours, then filter out the coffee bits. Pour the liquid gold into a clean bottle or jar. Always stash it in the fridge so it stays fresh. If you’re not gonna drink all of it now, split it into smaller bottles so none of it goes to waste!

How Much Cafe Bustelo Do I Need for Cold Brew?

Whipping up cold brew with Cafe Bustelo is a piece of cake, but make sure you get the coffee amount right. Depending on your coffee mood (strong or light), a cool ratio is one part coffee to four parts water. If that’s not hitting the spot, mix it up and find what rocks for you. Pro tip: Go for coarsely-ground coffee. It soaks in all the good flavors without getting too bitter.


To wrap it up, Cafe Bustelo cold brew is a killer way to enjoy your coffee. It’s a cinch to make and stays fresh for ages if you store it right. The flavor might be a tad different from your usual brew, but it’s still delish. And since it’s steeped for longer, expect a bigger caffeine boost. So, why not dive into the world of Cafe Bustelo cold brew? You’ll love it!


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